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Dr. Judith Richter
Founder and Chairwoman

In the summer of 1998, Dr. Judith Richter realized her vision when she founded the NIR School of the Heart.
Dr. Richter is an accomplished entrepreneur and among Israel’s most distinguished business leaders. In 1993, Dr. Richter co-founded Medinol, a global medical device company that acquired a significant international position in the interventional cardiology and stenting industry. She has served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer since the company’s founding.
Born in Carlsbad, Czechoslovakia, the eldest daughter of Holocaust survivors Anna and Zvi Spiegel, Dr. Richter and her family immigrated to Israel when she was two years old. Dr. Richter served as an officer in the Israeli Air Force attaining the rank of Major, where she established the unit for leadership learning and developed the selection systems for flight academy trainees.
Dr. Judith Richter’s extensive business experience was preceded by a career in the academia. She served as a faculty member at Tel Aviv University’s Graduate School of Business, where she specialized in organizational behavior and structure, team building and corporate strategy. During her academic career, Dr. Richter published numerous articles in scientific publications and was widely recognized for her work.
Dr. Richter served as a member of the Executive Committee of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem from 2009-2016, and today she serves as a member of the University’s Board of Trustees. In recognition for her exceptional contribution to Israel’s economic, industrial and technological development, Dr. Richter was awarded the Ramniceanu Prize in Economics by Tel-Aviv University in 2013. That year she was also the recipient of an Honorary Fellow distinction from the Hebrew University. She was also named an Honorary Fellow of the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya in 2018. Dr. Richter has served on the boards of several leading industrial Israeli companies, including Bezeq and Mobileye.
Dr. Judith Richter is also engaged in a variety of activities in the arts and humanities - among them: founding and sponsoring The Richter Quartet of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, sponsoring the Israeli Women’s National Volleyball Team, nurturing holocaust survivors living in Jerusalem and supporting the youth Israeli Scouts delegations to Auschwitz, for which she was an Honorary Scout.
A graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Dr. Richter holds a PhD from Boston University.
She is married to Dr. Jacob (Kobi) Richter and a proud mother of three children.

Efi Haber-Naor

Efi Haber Naor is leading Medinol’s human resources organization, as well as the company’s administration, logistics and procurement operations. She is also Director of the NIR School of the Heart, and heads the company’s community relations.
Prior to joining Medinol in 1999, Ms. Haber Naor worked at the Tel Aviv Municipality as Head of Community Services in the Northern District of Tel Aviv, where she was responsible for community projects in 13 Tel Aviv neighborhoods.
Ms. Haber-Naor holds a BA in Community and Clinical Social Work, with honors, from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and an Executive MBA from Bar Ilan University. Ms. Haber-Naor is also a graduate of the program for training directors and officers in corporations and has undergone professional training in mediation and conflict resolution.

Shir Chorev

Shir is a technological entrepreneur and is the co-founder and CTO of Deepchecks, a VC-backed startup in the field of AI. She was selected as a featured honoree in the Forbes 30 under 30 class of 2021. Shir has a B.Sc. in Physics from the Hebrew University, which she obtained as part of the IDF’s Talpiot excellence program, and a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University. She loves hiking and sports, and has extensive experience mentoring and guiding youth and adults in a variety of settings. Shir is a member of the management team in the NIR School.
Ibraheem Qaisi

I am an Intern doctor at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. Studied medicine at An-Najah National University in Nablus. During my time as a student, I founded the International Federation of Medical Students Associations in Palestine (PMSA Palestine) across the West Bank and Gaza and have been a trainer in the human rights and peace committee within the same federation. I am very interested in cardiology and have done trainings at the Heart Centre of the University of Oxford and the John Radcliffe Hospital, alongwith research within the field. A NIR school graduate in 2014.
Saeed Darawshe

Graduated from med school in TAU in 2019. During his studies he mostly watched movies and now he’s indeed learning film in the Sam Spiegel Film and Television school in Jerusalem. Besides cinema Saeed enjoys playing his guitar, and effect social change. Graduated from the NIR School in 2008 and has been a team member since 2012.
Aseel Kayal

Aseel is a security researcher at Kaspersky. Her research mainly focuses on discovering and tracking cyberattacks in the Middle East region. She received her bachelor's degree in Computer Science and English Literature from TAU. She graduated from the Nir School in 2011 and joined the staff ten years later during 2021. Aseel is a huge dogs and cats lover and has three cats herself.
Diala Dahdal

Diala, a 24yo curly haired Jerusalemite who graduated with a medical doctor's degree from UMF in Timişoara, Romania. She has also received credit on several published medical articles. She's a team sports enthusiast with multiple local awards, and is always up for outdoor activities. She has additional love towards traveling, music, cute animals, and most importantly, food. Her Nir School journey started as a student, she continued volunteering throughout the years as a graduate until she became in charge of the academic program as a staff member.
Andrew Abado

Andrew (or Drew) is a licensed tour guide, working mainly in the city of Akko. He has a B.A. in Archaeology & Geography & Environmental Studies from Haifa University, and he's a licensed yoga teacher. Other than that, Drew is a guitarist, does martial arts & other kinds of sports, and he's in love with Japan, its culture, and its language! While not a graduate of the NIR School, he somehow managed to become a staff member (in 2013) and a member of the program's management team.
Fadi Yadi

MD from Al-Quds university 2021.
In spite of his tender age Fadi published multiple report cases, that enjoy wide readership. Since childhood Fadi’s dream was to become a surgeon, and thanks to his devotion, passion and understanding, was indeed the first student in the 2021 class to participate in a surgery. Fadi is a bodybuilder and maintains a very healthy lifestyle, helping and mentoring rookies in his gym. Fadi graduated from the NIR School in 2012, started volunteering, eventually becoming one of our youngest staff members.
Haggai Borkow
General Manager

Haggai is annoying his beloved family 24/7. They got used to it and humor him with pity. Other than that, he tries to make the lives of those around him happier and fuller. And constantly fails… Following his numerous failures, Haggai finds comfort in love, music, literature, science and the Simpsons. He also obsessively ponders this conundrum: “I’m here to help others. But what are the others here for?”
Haggai, graduated with honors from TAU’s Interdisciplinary Program for Outstanding Students with a Masters degree. His mom was furious when he left the PhD program in order to establish… drum-roll… the NIR School. He thinks that she has forgiven him by now. Oh, Haggai loves people! Especially medium-rare.
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